I Turned My Husband into A Cum Loving Sissy

sisst in pink socks and panties

You may have read about my husband giving my bull a blowjob and then becoming a bi cuckold and if you haven’t I encourage you to do so because things have moved on dramatically since then and now my ‘husband’ is a fully-fledged cuckold sissy. When I look back I wonder how we even lived our lives without this fun and pleasure, having that conversation was the best thing we ever did.

My Husband Wasn’t Always A Sissy

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He enjoyed being a cuckold, watching me sleep with other men, he enjoyed watching from afar and getting off on me having fun without him and enjoying the person I was with. He loved nothing more than fucking me after the person I was with was done and feel how wet and even stretched I was from then and not him. He got off to the humiliation, it’s what fuelled him. I always had bigger fantasies than just cuckolding and when I opened up to him, I was in for a big treat.

I Always Had A Fantasy Of Him Fucking One Of His Male Friends

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I started planting little seeds after we talked about my fantasies. I used to get him to fuck me in the ass and then I would tell him to think of me as a man and he would cum right away. He cleaned up my bull’s cum and he even gave him a blowjob.

I then brought a pegging dildo and we tried pegging, it took a while, but once I got the hang of it I mentioned while fucking him, imaging I’m your best guy friend with my big cock fucking you in your tight ass. He didn’t want to enjoy it, but he started cumming all over the bed. After that my bull fucked him in the ass for the first time too and that’s where everything began to unfold.

Training Started When I Put Him Under Lock And Key

He loved cock cages before but this was different. After my bull fucked him and we both agreed on him loving being a sissy and being degraded I got him a cute pink cage for his tiny cock. It was much smaller than his other one, it was pretty and pink and his cock was tightly squeezed in there. It was a much harder test for him but the humiliation of it was a bigger reward for him and it fuelled us and turned us both on even more that it had done before. It felt as if we were stepping into a new world of fantasies and pleasures.

It Was Not Long Before I Named Him Cindy

In the bedroom when my bull was there and even when he wasn’t my husband was now known to me as ‘Cindy’, he responded to the name and he knew his place. Having this name gave him an alias, it allowed him to be her inside of the bedroom and really let loose and be who he wanted to be.

I have also mentioned before that he gets off on the humiliation aspect of cuckolding astronomically and so when we figured out that he loved humiliation in many forms replacing his name with that of a typically female name was very humiliating to him, which got him off even more.

Meet My Sissy Husband

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Here my sissy husband is, her dick is now her tiny clit and her ass is now her pussy.

We’ve been using plugs to help stretch her out a bit more for the real thing again. She loves wearing slutty thongs and sheer lingerie sets. Her favorite is to dress in her slutty French maid outfit, that I picked out for her. She wears it around the bedroom when I am being fucked by my bull and then she cleans us both up, she also gets teased and humiliated by us in her little outfit too.

Cindy wears her wig, she shaves everything so that she is nice and smooth, I want to wax her soon. She practices all the time, sucking my fake dick, she wants to be amazing for one she sees my bull and it gets her off when I watch her take my fake cock down her throat.

I taught her to eat my ass correctly, so she could do it to my bull when he asked. This took some time, she just kept on trying to pleasure herself through the cage but we eventually got there.

Training Her Ass (She was Too Tight)

husband on bed in red panties

My bull had fucked her ass before, only once and he didn’t get all of the ways in. Cindy my sissy was also very aroused at the time. We knew that we couldn’t just do it again, it would take time and preparation and so in the lead up to meeting my bull again I used different pegging dildos on her, I taught her the best cock sucking techniques, pretending I was my bull and later getting her ready to be double penetrated. I trained her ass to take an array of different sizes and when I knew she was ready it was time to get my bull inside of my sissy.

The First Time My Sissy’s New Pussy Got Stretched

sissy on all fours showing off butt

I have a bull I’ve been seeing for a while now and I got my sissy started by letting her clean up his cum off me and later his cock.

My bull would use her as a cum rag, just for cleanup and have her clean his big fat cock, just after he’d finished in me, my sissy would sit starry-eyed with her mouth open and he’d just slip his cum covered cock in Cindy’s mouth for her to clean it up and then he would leave.

The first time it happened properly was a momentous occasion, it all happened so naturally. After my bull had slipped his cock into my sissy husband’s throat he ordered him onto all fours, parted his legs, pulled his panties to one side, and gently slid himself inside of his stretched pussy, his clit was straining at his cage.

When my bull is done with me now, I watch him take my sissy husband and insert every inch of his massive cock into Cindy’s tight pussy while I watch and usually masturbate. Seeing Cindy have her thong pulled to the side and then later covered in my bull’s cum is bliss. Knowing that I planted the seed and got them to this place is even sweeter.

Seeing my husband a man who would never go near another man, bent over and being fucked by another man and shaking and moaning from enjoyment is powerful.

Cindy Is Now A Little Whore

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She gets as much dick as me, my bull taught her to suck his cock just how he likes it and her throat skills are better than mine, she swallows his cum but she prefers it in her ass or dripped over her clit.

Seeing her jealous when I’m getting fucked by the bull is an empowering feeling and knowing she has to have my sloppy seconds if she’s lucky is enough to make me quiver with delight.

Cindy, my sissy husband is now such a little whore in the bedroom that I sometimes don’t know what to do with her. My bull loves taking control of her and humiliating her in front of me and her tiny clit just strains at the constraints of her cage, if she is really, really good she might be let out for a tiny orgasm but even then that’s only if she’s very lucky.

She Can Take A Bigger Dick Than Me :’)

It’s true! I struggle way more with my bigger bulls than she does, she takes them like a champ and they always remark about how tight she is. I am so impressed by her. My sissy husband also told me how much she enjoys a bigger dick, she told me it can feel like more of a challenge.

Would You Let Me Turn You Into A Sissy?

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I loved turning my husband into a sissy, testing boundaries, and ultimately fulfilling his desires and I want to do it again. I want a few sissy men in my life who follow my orders and fuck when I say, clean up cum when I say and do as I say. Would you let me do it for you?

You can read this, and see if you like the idea of cleaning up after my bull and me.

I have more stories I can share from my sissy husband, let me know if you want to post them for Jack and Sarah to share!

I love submitting our tales here, it has been eye-opening for us and I am forever grateful to Jack and Sarah for allowing us to share our lessons and stories.


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