My Small Dick Problems Turned Me Into A Cuckold

This article was submitted by a friend of ours, he wanted to share his story on having a small dick and dealing with being a cuckold. We also have the other view called big dick problems, it’s a look from the struggles of having a big dick.

I am very grateful to Jack and Sarah for allowing me to post this on their website. I wanted to check in with those who may have a small penis and are interested in cuckolding, for those who just want to learn more about having a small penis and even those who are just morbidly curious. It’s a delight to be writing for you all and I wanted to share something that was quite a big hurdle for me to overcome and that was becoming a cuckold whilst having a small penis that I knew wasn’t satisfying my wife.

Having a small penis isn’t a bad thing, some women prefer it, but knowing you aren’t satisfying your wife like another man can is a tricky situation and it was a situation that I found myself in.

My Wife And I Were A Really Normal Couple

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We had been married for 5 years, together for 8. We had pretty regular sex even at the 8-year mark we still had sex a few times per week, but for years I knew that I wasn’t big enough to please her completely. The sex was always great but I knew I wasn’t hitting the spot for her.

I have a cock that’s definitely quite below 4.5 inches and pretty skinny in girth. When my wife was really aroused I knew she barely felt me inside of her. She needed filling and I just wasn’t doing that for her, she never said anything but I knew it and when I did bring it up eventually she did admit to me that having a bigger dick once in a while would have been nice for her.

I couldn’t blame my wife, I know I would have felt exactly the same, I was just happy we were in a comfortable enough relationship where we could talk about it and work things out. Once she brought it up it really started the conversation for us and allowed us to unearth many viable solutions.

My Small Dick Causes My So Many Problems

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I don’t hate my dick, infact I love it but it does have some downsides:

-Doesn’t fully satisfy my wife

– I am not as confident naked as I should be

-My dick isn’t impressive

– I know my wife wants to try something bigger

-Certain positions are much harder with a smaller dick

The list goes on but I am sure you get the gist of what I am trying to say. Once again, I just want to make it clear having a small penis isn’t the worst thing in the world, a lot of women like it and you have to learn to master your tools but I want my wife to be totally satisfied and I knew with my dick it wasn’t going to fulfill her own personal desires.

My Small Dick Problems Caused Me To Be A Cuckold


One night I asked about her wanting to try a bigger dildo, a much bigger dildo than we usually used and she tried to play it off like she wasn’t excited, but I could see how much she wanted it.

We got a 9-inch dildo, it looked massive and so much bigger than me. When side on with my own cock, the comparability was virtually non-existent. She used it on herself whilst we were fooling around and part of me didn’t want her to be able to fit it inside, but within a few thrusts, she had the whole dildo inside of her.

She was shy about how much she was enjoying it. But the sounds of her wetness and her moans told me everything I needed to know. I started realizing that I couldn’t please her like that and I then started getting turned on at the idea of seeing someone with a bigger cock pleasure her in a way that I couldn’t.

Catching Her Using The Large Toy Alone

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I love when my wife pleasures herself and explores her body solo, it really doesn’t bother me, I think it’s healthy but I could tell she was using the toy alone and a lot. I knew she was taking it with her into the bathtub and I knew she was having a lot of pleasure from using it.

Whenever we had sex she would ask if we could use the big toy tonight, she would have it ready and waiting for me to use on her and she was always so wet and horny whenever we started using it on her. As I said, it was no big deal, it was hot but something strange started bubbling up inside of me…

Turned On By The Idea Of A Big Dick In My Wife

I’m not sure why it started bubbling up inside of me, maybe it was a real fetish or just me wanting to see how she would act with another man, would she cum in minutes? would she be able to squirt with him?

I was becoming really turned on by the idea of my wife fucking a guy with a bigger penis than mine. I sat googling things for hours, I would join Reddit forums, read articles, and really try and tune in to my thought process but everything I researched pointed back to me being a cuckold. The more I read about cuckolding the more turned on I became and I figured I must have always had this fetish and never uncovered it.

Telling My Wife About It

We sat down and I just blurted everything out, she was really understanding and she told me that she actually had the same thoughts about me but never brought them up in case I was offended or if she was totally off the mark. We laughed and we cried as we opened up about the fetish and what it would mean for us. She was so open and so honest and we actually both started getting really turned on at the thought of it and sharing our thoughts and fantasies with one another.

Remember to be careful when you mention something like this to your partner. When you’re horny things can happen really quickly, especially with the internet getting involved, and it could be something that can change everything. Talk it through, wait it out, sleep on it, keep waiting, and taking baby steps to see if it’s something you really would be comfortable with.

She Wasn’t Ready And She Was Worried About Me Getting Hurt

My wife was really nervous at the start, she had anxiety every time she would talk to another guy online and she was in a conflict of wanting to experiment and being unconfident/uncomfortable.

I actually read the guide on Cuckin and asked Jack for help, he pointed us in a certain direction and we started using dating sites which really allowed my wife to feel confident and see how many men wanted to fuck her and get to know her. Some time passed, her confidence had skyrocketed and she was really open to the idea of cuckolding, she had cam sex (with no mic on) with a guy who lived near the city we are in. Then she started texting him by her self and having regular cam sex (mic on) and finally, after lots of small steps my wife wanted to meet him for real and it was game on for all of us.

I Shared Her With A Hung Guy

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We purposely picked a guy with a really large cock, he was also familiar with cuckolding and really respectful and focused on making my wife comfortable, that’s why she liked him I think. Seeing him in real life was great and we couldn’t have met a better person to start off our cuckolding journey with.

We turned all the lights off in the hotel room, I kissed her while he undressed her (she kept her bra on), Both of our hearts were pounding. This was such a momentous occasion for us both that I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was everything I had ever fantasized about.

He then started getting undressed beside her and he turned her head away from my lips and she started giving him a blowjob. Seeing my wife blowing this really hung guy was just amazing. I thought my heart would explode out of my chest and I already felt like I was about to cum just watching her go down on him. Seeing my wife sucking on his cock, only being able to take a few inches as he was so big and hearing him moaning was hotter than I could ever have imagined. It’s was a weird mix of lust, guilt, adrenaline, and pure horniness.

The Moment He Went Inside Her

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My wife on top of him and I walked around the bed to sit comfortably on a chair nearby and could see his big cock stretch her pussy open and her ass bouncing over his cock. Each time she bounced his cock slid in and out of her, this is one of the positions we are unable to do due to my small cock so seeing her enjoying herself like that was a huge turn on. She was moaning and I could see her wetness dripping down his balls. My cock was in my hand as I watched on, seeing the pleasure she was getting from this man, I was the ultimate cuck at the exact moment and I have never been happier.

The Insecurity About My Small Dick Was Gone

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I couldn’t satisfy her in this one part of life, but I could everywhere else, luckily I had an undiscovered kink and I now enjoy and get off on seeing her lose all self-control with another man who is better than me in that one way.

We have strict unwritten rules and even though we use the same men (because it can be hard to find understanding men where we live), we restrict alone time with her and the men we meet and it’s mostly just small talk, a few drinks, and then the sex. My wife is like a new woman after being with her bull and the past year of doing it we’ve had more sex together than ever before.

It’s certainly a shift in our relationship but for us, it has been an incredible ride and one that we have bothered loved diving into. I get off on my wife being with another man and she gets off knowing I am getting off and she also gets off on being a hotwife.

A Dick Is Just A Dick

My wife uses these dicks for pleasure and a different kind of fun and yet she still loves mine and fucking me.

We have so much more sex now, we are both 100% satisfied and my confidence has gone through the roof about my dick because we are both getting off now in a way not everyone can understand.

Communication is always key and you have to be sure it’s something you want, knowing the risks but if you have this cuckold kink, your life will change forever.

You can always use a penis extender if your size really bothers you, it’s one of the best-kept secrets smaller men use to gain a big advantage.

With strict unwritten rules my wife and I enjoy cuckolding on a regular basis. I get off on seeing her with a bull, watching her getting stretched and she slipped into the role of hotwife gracefully and perfectly.


  1. My small dick is the reason we opened up our relationship too and it’s been a rollercoaster. I don’t have any regrets though and just like you, it changed our sex life in the greatest way. Great reading this so thanku.

    • I, too, have a small penis and on top of that, i cum really quick. Foreplay with my wife is amazing, but i also realize she needs a bigger, longer lasting lover on occassion. However, i can not convince her. Im at a loss, i have tried talking, reading about it together, buying and using toys, but to no avail. I wish she could realize what it would do for her, for me, and for us.

  2. Sounds like the two of you are having fun. Just don’t let her stop having sex with you. I’ve read where some wife’s stop having sex with there husbands. That’s no good. It has away of killing a marriage.

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