I’m Married And I Fucked A Guy I Met On Tinder

I didn’t really explain it properly in my video, but I met this guy and a few others using Tinder, not sure if it’s something that’s used in this community a lot, but I’ve been pretty lucky and found a few semi-local guys who are into hotwives and cuckolding.

This was the experience from one of those guys who is now my go-to bull fuck buddy. He is perfect for me and he has a cock that he definitely knows how to use, he understands that I am married and a busy mom so meeting him whenever I can is wonderful for my husband and me.

My Tinder Sex Tape:

Don’t judge, this video was meant to be just for my husband, but we got off on the idea of sharing it with other people once he had seen it, we figured sharing it with such a fun and respectful bunch of people would be the way forward so, enjoy, but know that this was just me having fun with my bull, in the backseat of my car, it’s nothing serious, just me living out our kinks.

How Long Have I Been A Hotwife?

hotwife taking selfies in her underwear

I am pretty new to the community I have been a hotwife for just under a year now. It took us a long time to finally do it and give in to our fantasies but we did and although it is a fairly slow process, it has been so worth it.

Was This Our First Date?

Nope, we met a few times before this, the first date was just a coffee and then the second I showed him my bedroom. We then found it was the easiest meeting in a car park and fucking in my car. It sounds a little bit slutty but it works for us, we are both busy individuals. Doing it in a car park isn’t ideal but it feels really naughty and it means my bull and I can meet without a lot of prior planning and without interruption.

Did I Video My Other Dates?

woman giving a guy a blowjob who she met on tinder

Nope 馃檨 I would have loved to, but most men (understandably) don’t want to sleep with a woman who is filming them and then showing their husband and the internet. I can completely understand why so I am just grateful for the videos that I got.

Should I Film More Of My Tinder Fuck Experiances?

tinder texts

I love using Tinder to meet bulls, I go on lots of dates and meeting potential new men is really thrilling. I am sure I will meet more men who are happy for me to film our dates and experiences so if you want to see more, let me know in the comments down below.

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