He Got My Wife To Squirt For The First Time

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This event happened quite early on in opening up our relationship to cuckolding, I didn’t think it would happen quite so soon but that just made it even more exciting. My wife Sarah and I didn’t prepare for her to squirt, it just happened, which really added to our experience and it made us both realize we were both definitely on the right track as we loved the thrill of it all even so early on.

If you’re new here I just wanted you to know that my wife and I have been apart of the lifestyle for some years now after just deciding to go for it. For us, it has been the bets thing we have ever done, it has really taken us to new and exciting places and today I wanted to share with you the time my dear wife Sarah squirted with another man and how I felt about that.

Sarah Had Never Squirted Before

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Past boyfriends and all of the years of being with my wife Sarah nobody had been able to make her squirt, including herself. Some women just can’t and Sarah didn’t think she could squirt, we had tried all of the usual squirting methods and nothing worked for her. She had always wanted to do it and felt like she could but it never happened no matter how hard we tried.

It Was Around The Third Time I Shared Her

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The first time we ever shared my wife it was was amazing, everything we had both thought it would be but there were a lot of nerves and my wife struggled to really let herself go. The second time she really started letting loose and getting comfortable with our new set-up and by the third time everything clicked into place. She was confident, horny, and knew exactly what she wanted from the evening in front of her. She liked the guy too and the more time they spent together the more she was relaxing and understanding how things worked in this world.

The First Few Times I Shared My Wife It Was With The Same Guy

When we first started out we ended up with the same guy a few times before venturing out to find new bulls and even now all of these years later my wife still meets up with her very first. He was perfect for us then and he is great even now. Each time my wife saw him at the start she got more and more comfortable with him. For me, it was just incredible, seeing my wife fucking someone else as I was helpless and eagerly looking on. He really made it comfortable for us and we owe having such a great start to our wife sharing journey to him.

My wife loved showing off her body to him, he complimented her intensely and adored her body, doing things to her that made her quiver with satisfaction, things I had never seen done before. I knew he was different by just the way my wife would scream his name.

The Night She Squirted

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We went to the usual hotel we had been meeting up in, a small one on the outskirts of town and we checked in. We went straight to or room had showers and got ready (we usually got there a little early to just freshen up before he arrived).

My wife Sarah showed me exactly what she was going to wear and I knew he would love it, a little tight dress and some beautiful purple lingerie that really complimented her body.

All three of us met in the hotel bar, we wanted to loosen up a little, and just by seeing his eyes undressing my wife, I knew tonight was going to be incredible. We talked about mindless things before the talk turned to my wife, he began whispering into my wife’s ear, making her laugh, he rubbed her thigh and even began kissing her neck. I could see my wife getting turned on, her posture changed and it was as if everyone else in the room had disappeared.

My wife was desperate to get back to our room, we finished our drinks and headed up. He was all over my wife in the elevator, I just stood watching them, my dick growing harder with every passing second.

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We got back to the hotel room and everyone was flirty, my wife was making out with him and then with me and I could tell she had gotten into the idea of sharing, she wanted me to be involved tonight. I usually just sit and watch but she wanted me and I wasn’t opposed to the idea, I loved it, especially when she ignores me after getting me all riled up.

She took off her tight dress with a little help from him and she was just in her lingerie and stockings. They were playing and teasing each other and then she got him on his back and started sucking him off. I stood there with my dick in my hand, watching my wife sucking this guy’s dick, he was moaning and stroking her hair, it was euphoric.

I was just watching them both play with one another, it was still so new to me and just seeing Sarah the girl I’d been with for years with another man was intense. I could have come just watching her give him a blowjob but I knew I had to wait.

He Flipped Her On Her Back

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He picked up my wife and lay her down gently, kissing her entire body before moving her panties to one side and pushing his dick inside of her. She moaned out in pleasure, locking eyes with me and smiling. That small act nearly sent me over the edge again but I managed to keep my orgasm from coming.

I kneeled next to my wife’s face and she grabbed my dick, gently playing with it as he thrust into her, the trouble was his fucking was so good that she dismissed my dick and left me kneeling there, desperate. All I could do was go back into the chair in the corner of the room and observe, she had forgotten she wanted to share herself with us both, she wanted me to feel not good enough and have to just watch her getting fucked by this man.

My Wife Then Got On Top Of Him

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He lay down as my wife straddled him, she was getting herself off, moving her hips back and forth rather than up and down which gives the penis more pleasure.

Every inch of him was inside of her, his dick was a lot bigger than mine and I am just about average, she was loving getting off on him. She rocked her hips back and forth and she started letting out really loud moans, she was pleasuring herself internally as he was playing with her clit.

All of a sudden her whole body was shaking and she began saying “I’m going to cum!” and she started squirting all over him and his dick. She was quivering moaning and grinding his cock with her pussy as it fell out of her pussy after she was done squirting.

I have no idea how he didn’t cum during this, but he put himself back inside of her and did the same thing again, allowing her to rock on his dick. She kept on coating his dick in her juices and she would keep having orgasm after orgasm, trembling and screaming out in pleasure. She scratched all of his abs from squeezing him so hard each time she came.

I just observed from the corner of the room, I did infact cum when she started to squirt the first time, I couldn’t hold it in, seeing the pleasure this man had finally brought to her.

He Taught My Wife To Squirt And Will Always Be Her First

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When he had gone and my wife and her were talking about it hours later, she opened up to me about how incredible it felt to squirt and how she had finally done something she had tried to do so many times.

She was on cloud nine and I just told her how great it was. She texted him and thanked him, she would talk about it over and over, desperate for it to happen again sometime soon. She will never forget the first time she squirted, even now her eyes light up when it’s brought up.

He unlocked something within her that allowed her to be able to squirt and the memory will never leave me because it was an incredible sight to witness and it will never leave m wife as she had an unforgettable time.

I Had No Idea This Would Happen

When we opened up our relationship I didn’t think someone would give her such an intense orgasm, at least not as quickly as it happened, but it did teach me a lot.
It was a mix between being so turned on seeing my gorgeous wife trembling while squirting all over his dick, but also a sense of jealousy that I couldn’t give her that.

Now as time went on I realized it was an awesome experience, she learned that she could squirt with other men too and now when we fuck and use a penis extender or a vibrator and my dick she squirts for me too. It’s a tremendous sensation that I am so glad that he unlocked for her.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


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