My Wife Is Shy And Very Unconfident, What Do You Think?

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My wife is really shy, painfully shy. Even after all of these years she prefers the lights off when we have sex, she struggles to let me see her body and she is really self-conscious about her breasts.

She really wants a threesome but she isn’t sure how we could do it when she feels the way she does about herself. Perhaps if you give her some boost in the comments below she may see I am not just saying it and she will see plenty of people agree how incredible she looks.

My wife was once really shy and since sharing lots of her pictures here she has seen just how beautiful she is. When she is ready the next step for us is a threesome and something tells me we are going to have an amazing time.


  1. She is far from ugly. I’d do a lot to have one night with your wife!

    • Same!

  2. Can I share your wife with you?

    • Just maker her comfortable and try to overcome her camera fear

  3. Your wife is gorgeous

  4. I’m a straight woman and I think your wife is really hot! <3

  5. Wow, just wow… stunning

  6. Amazingly beautiful. My mouth and tongue would have trouble leaving your nipples. Would definitely be interested in an anr with you.

  7. Wow amazing

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