Everything You Need To Know About Having Your Wife’s Sloppy Seconds

hotwife laying on bed with legs wide open revealing cum on her pussy

When it comes to being a cuckold, we all have our major likes and dislikes, all of us are different in some ways and very similar in others but for those of us who enjoy sloppy seconds it’s a very common similarity that bonds us together. After you have shared your wife getting to clean her up and feel her used up, cum filled mouth, ass or pussy is a feeling that only those of us who have experienced it can fully understand.

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There Is No Better Reward Than Sloppy Seconds

three images of the different stages of having sloppy seconds

For me, it’s the ultimate reward that comes hand in hand with this lifestyle. Your wife is all flustered, stretched, and oozing with cum and sex after being with a hot stallion and it’s now your turn to slide inside of her beautiful filled and used-up pussy.

This is your reward, this is the beautiful moment that a lot of us cuckolds wait for, it’s finally time to reclaim your wife using her bull’s cum as lube for your lovemaking and getting to feel her stretched up, swollen, and already fucked pussy.

What Do Sloppy Seconds Feel Like?

cum dripping out of pink pussy

If you have never tried sloppy seconds, this is how I describe it in the most descriptive way possible:

For him: It transforms the pussy into a warm, loose, very slippery, sometimes sticky, and deeply inviting hole. The sensations are completely different to a pussy that hasn’t been used up and the mental game of feeling another guy’s cum drip down your balls as you push the rest further inside of your wife is a whole new ballgame.

You may have to deal with some cuckold emotions, at the start while you get your head around another guy’s cum being inside of your wife and even the different sensations given to you but for a lot of us cucks, it all makes complete sense as soon as we feel that used up pussy.

For Her: My wife Sarah describes it as feeling loved, used, stretched, and very sexually content. It’s such a warm, tingly feeling knowing that I am reclaiming her and feeling what her bull has left me with.

My Husbands First Time Was An Accident

cum filled pussy

Sarah loves to tell this story because the first time I actually did have sloppy seconds it was by complete mistake. My wife was playing with one of our friends whilst I watched, it was the first time playing without a condom (with a lifestyle partner) he came hard inside of Sarah and left to go and clean himself up, at this point, we were so used to just having sex together then I just thrust myself inside of her without cleaning her up first. As soon as I went inside of her we both realized what had happened, we laughed it off but both secretly found it really hot and this is when it unlocked a kink for the both of us.

Simulating Sloppy Seconds

things to use for simulating sloppy seconds

If cleaning up and enjoying real cum isn’t something that is on the cards for you but you still want to simulate the sensation and perhaps learn more about it before actually trying it out, I wholeheartedly recommend these try and tested simulating methods:

Male Masturbator Seconds

This is a great method especially if you don’t have a partner who wants to try out the lifestyle. You get a masturbator like this, you grab some good fake cum and a large dildo if you want to stretch the masturbator out before you play with the masturbator to simulate a ‘just used’ vagina.

Apply the fake cum inside of the masturbator after you have stretched it out with the large dildo and then slide yourself in and enjoy the cummy, warm, sticky mess that awaits.

Filled Up With Fake Cum:

Get ahold of some fake cum (the one I mentioned above is amazing) and fill your wife up with it, then use an ejaculating dildo to really simulate the stretching and enjoy the deep cum insertion, so that way every inch of her is dripping with ‘cum’ for you to enjoy.

Roleplay a real scenario with your partner. Have them use the dildo and fill themselves up with cum and then after your wife is done playing you reclaim her with your own cock and cum. It is tremendous.

Using Your Own Cum To Simulate:

This is one of the most realistic ways but it only works if you have a high enough sex drive to go more than once.

You just need to creampie your wife and when you’re ready, go for round two (without her cleaning up first), this will give you an idea of what it feels like to go inside your wife after she’s been creampied. However, the real thing is quite different as she’ll most likely be more aroused, stretched, and usually during sharing cum loads are just bigger from my experience.

Types Of Seconds And What They Feel Like

different types of sloppy seconds

There are a few different techniques that we cucks use, it isn’t all one size fits all so I wanted to show you the different types of seconds and what they are like:

Reclaimer: I will just watch my wife, sometimes take pictures or videos, and then after her bull is done, I will go and reclaim my wife, this is one of the most wholesome and loving experiences.

Threesome: In a threesome, both my wife’s bull and myself are taking turns with my wife. She loves feeling the different sizes switch back and forth. It’s really exciting when her bull cums and I know that I am about to enjoy her already cum filled pussy.

Solo Date: This is when my wife goes on a date, she fucks her bull, he creampies her, and she comes back to me for seconds, this is a lot of fun especially if she doesn’t have to travel far from her bull back to me.

It’s really hot for my wife to come back home all flustered, in cum soaked panties, literally meeting me in the bedroom, taking off her panties, putting them in my mouth, and letting me play in her sticky, wet mess.

Group: I haven’t done this too many times as it’s hard to find a group of people to have unprotected sex with, I have done it a few times and it’s probably one of my favorite experiences, having multiple guys taking turns with my wife, just for her to get filled up one after the other, the more it happens, the better it feels, I am always the last to orgasm and it’s so romantic reclaiming my wife after all the fun.

Is It The Same If He Wears A Condom?

The wetness and stretched-out feeling can feel the same when wearing a condom, but for us, nothing compares to the sloppy look and feel when my wife has been filled up. Some people do prefer to wear a condom but if it’s a bull that we trust and play with regularly we have no issues with bareback sex.

Do You Clean Up After Or Before?

hotwife who has just been creampied by her bull laying on bed

Some cucks like to clean up their wives before they have had a chance to ejaculate too. This is all down to personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. In my opinion cleaning up before might remove some of the warmth, wetness and would make it so you had to clean up twice, so for me, it’s probably better off just having one big clean-up job. However, you could clean up her bull and any that’s dripped out and leave the rest for once you have more cum to clean if you really can’t keep your hands away from the clean-up duties.

Unlock Your Cum Loving Self

reclaming my wifes cum filled pussy

There’s something I find so natural and powerful about cum and once you get past the mental part it unlocks your ability to enjoy a lot of beautiful new experiences.

For me it took me a while to admit that I liked cum, I personally like to feel it inside of my wife once she is done with her bull. It took me a while to let myself go, but once I let myself go it unlocked a whole new world where sex doesn’t feel complete without the full sloppy seconds and my wife feels the same too. However, this can sometimes be an issue as we don’t always play with people that we trust enough to not wear protection.

Warning: Always make sure you play with people who are tested and safe and you trust, this isn’t the kind of thing that we do with random people.

If you have any questions or input on sloppy seconds and your experiences, feel free to leave them down below!

I'm the cuckold of cuckin.com. I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.


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