Girlfriend [F24] Is Nervous About Being Shared, Would You Be Happy To Share Her?

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My girlfriend and I have been talking about cuckolding and hotwifing for some time now, the only thing holding us back is my girlfriend’s confidence and the fact that she thinks her breasts are too small and her body too plain for anybody to want to fuck her. I have told her time and time again that this isn’t true but she wants to hear it from you and from people who would fuck her. Doing these rates will hopefully make her see just how amazing she actually is.

New but sold on cuckolding my girlfriend wanted to share her pictures with you so that she could get some honest opinions. She is shy and unsure about the rules we should or shouldn't have but we both know this is the right route for us.


  1. I would love that pussy and ass on my face

  2. i think Redhead Newbie is gorgeous. I have done a a lot of thinking about this lifestyle and i sent some earlier thoughts in previous comments and i apologize for the earlier comments and i understand now. I am not into the humiliation stuff but I do see what is the interesting parts of this is now. I had to read about Sarah’s story first and how you both got started in this lifestyle. so yes i think i see it now.

  3. Definitely a yummy dish. She should be proud she’s got a very beautiful body.

  4. I would enjoy just sucking on her toes and raising all of the babies she has with other men.

  5. 10 starts from me!

  6. Very tight body. Would definitely take my time exploring her whole body, very slow and sensual.

  7. Love to fuck her

  8. Just tell her bro she is all Perfect to make any cock harder just liberate her .just make her open for BBCs.

  9. Wow, she’s worth more than a five star rating. Too bad there’s no contact info, I’d love to eat and fuck her silly.

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