My Cuckold Humiliation Instructions Will Show You The Truth

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My husband and I have come a long way since we first started cuckolding and something we have learned from the ground up is the importance of humiliation in our cuckolding relationship. My husband loves it, it makes him know his place as a cuck and it’s an added measure that makes our experiences feel more authentic and more of a turn-on.

I know that not every cuck is into verbal humiliation, some just prefer to be silent, blend into the background but for us it’s essential and I know for a lot of other cuckolds it is too. Below I am going to give you my cuckold humiliation ideas, the things that we do to make him feel degraded and humiliated. I want you to use these ideas on your cuck, watch as they have an incredibly positive effect on him or if you’re a cuck reading this, I want you to incorporate these ideas in your life, get your partner to try them with you and enjoy these new humiliation ideas.

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Cuckold Humiliation Warning!

cuckold humiliation warning

We’re going to find out just how much of a cuckold you really are. These things might sting or they might make you feel all warm inside, how you respond and incorporate these humiliation ideas is up to you but I just know you’re going to be the biggest cuck to ever read this, aren’t you?

Proceed with caution because things are going to get complicated and they may make you also very horny. Remember to always tailor my ideas to your needs and your relationship, what works for me may work better or worse for you, have fun with these ideas and let me know if you have any you love in the comments below and how it went!

My Husband Used To Be Just Like You

small penis

He was kind, he would do anything for me but unfortunately, he was rubbish in bed, he had a small cock and you could see it in how unconfident he was. He would know that his cock just couldn’t satisfy me as another man could but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it for many years. Eventually, he had the courage to mention it, and finally, I felt complete and he got to understand why he had felt this way for so long. We embarked on our journey and it has been incredible for us both, it opened a lot of doors for us and made us understand a lot about some of our issues and kinks. So no matter where you are in your journey, just know my hubby was once like you and it wasn’t until he admitted it to himself that he was able to see the cuck he really always was.

I Feel Bad For Your Poor Wife

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She probably can’t find a way to say it to you, there’s a reason she doesn’t want to have sex with you and there’s a reason when she does it’s only you that gets off. I know all of this because I was that wife, I was the one who could see my hubby’s issues but didn’t know how to explain them to him, he had to discover he was a cuck himself and once he realized this, that’s when he realized that humiliation was one of his favorite pastimes.

How I Humiliated My Husband (Ideas)

cock compairing humiliation

These ideas are for you. I want you to use them in your life, change them to work for you, and see just how much you little cuck gets off. Proceed with obvious caution, humiliation needs to be slowly incorporated and tested out unless you are absolutely sure of your cucks boundaries. Use them as a fantasy point or actually implement them as I did.

These are the things that I did to my husband for him to feel the ultimate humiliation:

  • I made him my ‘roommate’ when my ‘boyfriend’ (bull) was over: He would hear us fuck for hours while he sat in his bed on his own just listening through the walls at the fun we were having with one another. I made sure it was rough, loud, and jealousy-inducing. When I saw my husband after my bull had left, he was rock hard and told me he had never felt as much as a cuck as he had at that moment.

This is all my husband can hear while my bull is fucking me in our bedroom:

  • I would send pictures of his small cock to my boyfriend (bull) and we would both laugh, sometimes in earshot of him, sometimes not. This drives my hubby wild, he loves to hear us laughing about him.
  • When he met my boyfriend (bull) I had them compare cocks, the difference was crazy and I made sure to tell him that again and again. He saw for himself how much smaller his cock was compared to my bull’s and all I could do was snigger and remind him who the real man was, my hubby grew so hard at this and watched on from the corner of our room as my bull fucked me and made me cum again and again.
  • I found a guy who made me squirt for the first time, something my hubby could never do and was ashamed about. He filmed it for my hubby to see and he has told me that he masturbates to it whenever he gets the chance.
  • I had my first 8-inch cock and it was as good as the hype, my hubby’s cock is nowhere near that big so I made sure he felt me all stretched out after and filled with my bulls cum. My hubby came virtually instantly feeling my stretched out vagina, pathetic.
  • I tied up, blindfolded and gagged my hubby and my bull and I fucked with him in the room, he could just hear my moans :’). He had no idea what was going on or what he was hearing but whenever I glanced on over at him, his cock was twitching and fully erect.
  • While tied up and blindfolded, my bull and I laughed at him and how small his cock was. He couldn’t even try to hide his cock and the more we laughed the harder it became, he loved feeling the shame and humiliation of this and afterward, he told me it was one of the most thrilling experiences of his life.
  • I then put my cuck husband on cum cleaning duty. He had to clean-up not just my cum but my bulls cum too. He obliged willingly, using his pretty tongue to clean-up our messes, he was so good at it that we decided to call him ‘mop’.
  • I went on a date with a mutual friend, we ended up back at his place and I rang my hubby and left the phone on when I was fucking him. He just sat and listened to our sensual evening through the phone and did nothing but jerk himself off. I came home to find him asleep and covered in cum, his dick still in his hand.
  • We’ve got to the point where my hubby begs my bull to fuck me and holds my hand and waits on me hand and foot while I’m with my bull. He loves to feel small and unimportant and when we do this our meetings go incredibly well.
  • I had my first ever anal experience and it was with a one night stand, my hubby has never been in my ass before :’). I told him about it afterward and he made me re-tell him every single tiny detail whilst he jerked himself off, I even let him see my asshole, all puckered and stretched and told him I would take a picture next time.
  • I made my cuck hubby put on my bulls used condom, his cock isn’t even half the size and it all looked all floppy and comical in the condom. I laughed at him as he tried to put it in place and watched as my bulls cum swirled around his cock.
  • He now places my bulls cock inside me when asked, cleans it before and after, and watches or listens through the door as a well-trained cuck should.
  • My bull cums on his cock and he masturbates with my bulls cum as lube. It’s a pretty sight for me and it is all that he deserves, luckily my cuck loves it so he only gets this when he has been a good boy.
  • I have him clean my bulls house or our house while he is round ours fucking me. This is a fairly new thing we have tried but it has been working out for us and my bull gets to go home to a clean place and if he is cleaning our place, we try not to make it all dirty again but it can be hard, especially when you have a bull who wants to fuck everywhere that’s just been cleaned.

Can you believe this all started because we found cuckolding through my husband having a small penis and then we both wanted to see how far I could take humiliation? This was never a planned thing, it just came up and now it’s something my hubby and I love and it gets us off like nothing ever has before.

Do you want to know the truth? I bet you would get hard at the idea of your wife doing these things to you and if you don’t then…

You Cucks Need To Understand This

small dick humiliation caption

1: Understand your cock isn’t big enough for her and her desires and needs in the bedroom, she is just too nice to tell you. Your cock can’t do the things a big bull would be able to do to her.

2: Understand you cum too quick, she wants a man who can make love to her not just pump and dump, her bull will be able to fulfill her wants in that way and you may be lucky enough to be allowed to clean it all up.

3: You cannot make her cum and she has to lie about it all the time. Seriously, she never feels satisfaction from you, she just rolls her eyes and makes the right noises. Her bull on the other hand will make her feel things she has never felt with you and will have her moaning his name in minutes.

4: You’re a pussy and she wants and craves a real man to fuck her. She wants to feel her bull inside of her, not you.

5: She is used to you and see’s you as boring, she wants a bit of excitement and adventure in her sex life and you just don’t bring that to the table for her and never will be able too.

6: She wants to explore herself and someone else, try new things, let her body run wild.

7: You will be doing her a favour, she needs this.

8: Being a cuck means you will finally understand your place in the bedroom and all of them doubts will finally make sense to her and to you.

What It Will Be Like For Your Wife

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  • She will have the best sex of her life with her bulls.
  • She will try things she’s always wanted to try, just not with you.
  • She will have fun and stop herself from missing out.
  • It will save her doing it behind your back on vacation.
  • It will mean more great sex for her and you get to watch it all or at the least hear about it.
  • She will finally feel a big cock inside of her, not your small one.
  • Sex will feel amazing for her, knowing she is being fucked by a real man.
  • She will still love you but love her bulls cock more.
  • She will take pleasure in the fact that you’re a cuck and that you know you’re place in the bedroom.

Take Care

Remember, this is a lifestyle that we can all switch off and back on again, being a cuck is one of the most satisfying kinks there is and it means a lot of us get to explore new avenues and new things constantly. Remember to always take things slowly and step by step, never rush into anything and be sure to keep communication strong, no matter what level you’re at.

Have fun my naughty little cucks and hotwives, now go get humiliating! If there are any humiliation ideas that you want to add, feel free to leave them in the comments down below <3

My hubby and I love this lifestyle and humiliation is a huge part of it for us. Finding new ways to spice things up and take things even further is a big driver for us.


  1. These are fantastic, thanks for this, my partner won’t know what has hit him this weekend lol

    • I’m so happy you liked it! Hope it goes well with your partner! – Sarah <3

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly, the hardest part of cuckolding is learning your place. There is no turning back once your wife’s pussy is stretched and filled by a real man. Accepting the beta lifestyle is humbling and demeaning. There’s always a new bar set with every bull. I mean, when your wife watches you clean her cum off the bull’s cock, it changes the way she will forever think about you sexually. She has many pictures of me licking balls of powerful black bulls. It’s my place. When I’m cleaning her completely cummed and ruined pussy she reminds of what a failure I am and how disappointed she is in my ability to satisfy her. We live in a small community so obviously word goes around the barber shops and hair salons. Other alpha men openly come on to my wife even right in front of me. My place isn’t to object.

    • My wife and I have been cuckolding for 7 years, I love it. She has taken a steady man as a BF for the last 2 years, she is exclusive to him. He is extremely attractive with a 9 inch cock, I am 5 inches. She is his real
      GF and they spend weekends together. They have also spent vacation together twice for a week. She is crazy about him and it works for us

  2. I want my wife to cuckold me in the worst way. She has known about the feelings I have had for at least 10 years. I have not given up but deep down inside I know that my feelings don’t matter. When we first got together I told her everything, now we have been married for 7 years and it will never happen . She used to tell me she would do anything for me now that I am committed to her she won’t do anything for me

  3. Humiliatingly a cuckold is like a lot of things in life. You have to know when you have gone too far. Men do have pride, even a cuckold. You have to know what the limits are. You do make that clear and I thank you for that. I agree with you on communication. Cuckolding can be very difficult if there isn’t any. I’m a sub male and serve a Mistress. I expect to be humilated, degraded, disciplined and treated badly. That’s all part of being a sub male bitch and I love it. Most men don’t.

  4. The Bull’s points of view:
    I accidentally got involved with a cuckold couple. At first, I thought the husband was just bisexual. Since I was an older guy, single through divorce, I was happy to have him blow me from time to time with or without his wife’s present. We always have a good time when we get together. We take turns fucking his wife. She is a squirter. After we are done, usually about 2 – 3 hours. Their bed would be pretty wet.
    The last few times before he came over, he texted me with an overtone of submissiveness. He asked me to call him names while he was blowing me…dirty cocksucker, little bitch, cum whore…ect.
    Since the pandemic, we stopped getting together for the threesome sessions. From time to time, he was still coming to my place to satisfy his thirsts. Then suddenly last weekend, he said that his wife wanted us to get together again, but before the fun night, he texted and implored me to call him names and also his wife names when we got together and in their bedroom. He came out and said that he was a cuck, and that his wife like to humiliate him. She assigns him clean-up duties, including “licking her cum of the bull’s cock then sucking cum out of her pussy”. She even freezes cum and has him drink the cubes.
    I was so excited to think of our thrilling night IIwas nott disappointed even mysocks were soaked. He was our little cum whore.

    • I so agree and have the same feelings.

  5. I have a relatively small penis. Maybe 4.5-5″ when fully erect. It doesn’t stand straight and is always curved to the bottom.
    What is really a bigger problem is that I ejaculate in less than a min. While my wife hasn’t told me anything, we have not had penetrative sex for over a decade now and no sex of any form for more than once a year in these last five years.

    I dream of being a cuck. I want to be a sub to my maid. Want to be a slave to her. To my wife and would love to be a cuck to her and her bull and do anything they ask me to do. I’m too nervous about the risks of discussing with her or even pursuing. We both love each other, have a lovely daughter (20) and have very good careers.

    Don’t know if you have some good advice for me.

  6. The first time sitting guest room n listening to my wife. Well it still turns me on

  7. Pa Ra,
    I’m kind of in the same boat you are. My wife shut down on me sexually some years ago. Three years ago I had had enough. I’m a senior and one thing on my bucket list was to try being a sub male. I found a Mistress that didn’t mind me being a senior. I love it. The only bad thing about being a sub male is, it’s very addictive.

    The wife doesn’t know I’m doing this but, if she finds out so be it. She put me in this position in the first place. I’m going to have fun while I’m able. I asked my Mistress to use me ask her cuckold. She thinks I’d make a good one.

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