The Ultimate Hotwife Dares/Challenges

cum dripping down lip a womans lip

Do you like a challenge? We do and that’s why we created this kinky list of over 90 hotwife challenges and dares.

We actually started creating this for ourselves as our kinky bucket-list and after a few months and lots of fun we decided to add a few more challenges, create a printable checklist and publish it, so all you fellow kinks could enjoy some cuckold and hotwife fun.

Approved Hotwife/Cuckold Dating Sites & Apps

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By far the hardest part of opening up a relationship and trying cuckolding/hotwifing is finding the right person.

I’d say that once you’ve both agreed you’d like to open things up, it’s the only thing that really gets in the way of trying this lifestyle.

To make it worse, I’m picky when it comes to men, I want a nice guy, who isn’t creepy and understands the lifestyle and is respectful about it.

Trust me when I say it is hard to find that guy and that’s why Jack and I have joined so many lifestyle dating sites.

This is a list of all the sites that we have had success on, if you have any more you know, leave them in the comments for use to try.

The Cuckold Forums & Chat Rooms We Recommend

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Jack and I used forums and chatrooms to gain the confidence to try out this lifestyle and we now use them to meet others and build relationships. Forums and chatrooms are a key part and help create this amazing community.

So, we decided to create a constantly updating list of the best hotwife and cuckold forums and chatrooms that we use and recommend.

We also allow you to add your own favorite in the comments, so we can create an ever growing resource for all us lifestyle enthusiasts.

Cuckold Training (Full Guide To Becoming A Cuck)

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This is everything you need to become a cuckold.

In this training guide you’ll find out:

– What type of cuckold you are?

– How to simulate cuckolding with sex toys.

– The road to becoming a full cuck (without emotional issues).

– How to find a respectful bull who understands your needs.

– Whether you need to worry about condoms (how we decided if he doesn’t have to use a rubber).

This is my exact road map, condensed and made a heck of a lot easier. This is something I’d recommend you and then your wife/girlfriend read together.

It will help you understand the emotions that might come up and will give you both an understanding of what this lifestyle looks like behind the curtains.

List of Cuckold & Hotwife Resources

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No matter if you’re just getting started or have been apart of this lifestyle for years, this is a constantly updated list of the best lifestyle dating sites, forums, and sex toys/chastity gear that enhance the cuckolding experience.

I created this to remind myself of all the cool resources I find and to help others who are in the lifestyle.

This list is always updated, so if I missed any diamonds let me know in the comments and I’ll add them right away.

First Time Cuckold (What To Expect)

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My girlfriend and I our in our late twenties, we’ve been together over 10 years and opened our relationship up 5 years ago.

This is our exact experience with cuckolding and it has what we do to keep ourselves safe, what my girlfriend and I love and the things we always avoid.

It answers silly questions about condoms, anal, oral sex and the emotions felt by both of us the first few times tried cuckolding.
Did she see me as less of a man after? Find out in this story/guide.

Best Hotwife & Cuckold Reddits

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Did you know that Reddit has some of the biggest communities for cucks, hotwives and bulls?

It’s one of the places that helped Sarah and I learn more about the fantasy and it’s a place for you to share your experiences, ask for help and advice and share your naughty pictures and videos.

I decided to create a list of the Sub-Reddits that Sarah and I use all the time that are a must-see for anyone in this lifestyle.

Some of these sub-reddits have over 300 thousand members.

How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You

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So, you want to share your wife, but have no idea how to talk about this fantasy, let alone how to get your wife who’s probably quite shy about sex to openly agree that she will have sex with another man, possibly while you watch or even join in.

I feel you, at the start it seems like an impossible battle and the conflicting emotions flicking back and forth from wanting to share her to fearing jealousy and her thinking your weird.

In this guide I’ll teach you how to see if she shares your fantasy without saying a single word, how to then help her gain confidence in her sexuality and take away her shyness and then finally how to create a safe place for you both to explore this fantasy.

Cuckold Simulator (The Webcam Method)

two women kissing in lingerie on bed

At the start of my journey I had no idea if I really wanted to see Sarah with another guy.

I mean the thought of her kissing, blowing, and having sex with another guy was a turn on, but I still found myself wondering if jealousy would arise if it really happened.

That’s when I created this method that allows you to be cucked without your girlfriend/wife having to sleep with another man.

This is were I tell all beginners to start, with this method you’ll find out quickly if this lifestyle is for you.